Love looks not with the eyes, but with the heart

by SAMIA on May 12, 2020

In I Love Giving Back, we believe that we can transform communities by helping kids achieve their fullest potential throughout education. That's why we keep looking for those that need us as the most to extend them our hearts and resources. We were able to have a life-changing experience when we met the children, teachers, and parents of "Julius Doepfner," a unique institute for visually impaired kids.

The Institute.

Julius Doepfner provides children and families with education programs and care systems. The mission of the institute is to create a tremendous positive impact on children with unique abilities and to appease their daily struggles, giving them the essential tools to improve their future. More than 40 boys and girls of all ages attend classes five days per week at this institute. Teachers and volunteers contribute to the teaching of the Braille language, essential for the development of children's intellectual capacities. Lacking sight, blind children face severe challenges in the world today. For this reason, it is recommended from early learning that parents teach them how to move, eat, and function on their own. Parent involvement is crucial for these warriors to have a head start in life.

A life-changing moment.

Members of I Love Giving Back, in collaboration with the national chamber of entrepreneurs, the local newspapers, and local charity organizations, visited the institute to hold a great event. It focused on bringing the community together and raising awareness about the importance of proper nutrition, education, and the mental health of children who are dealing with special needs.

The children, teachers, and parents of Julius Doepfner welcomed us enthusiastically among laughter! Their fantastic energy and warm smiles immediately moved us.

The event was a great success; all the attendees had fun and learned together. The children were happy to share and eager to participate and demonstrate their full abilities during the activities. They sang, danced, and enjoyed the presence of their teachers and family. In the end, we also shared a delicious cake, and we could listen to their compelling stories.

This donation was intended to help vulnerable families living in poverty. With our contribution, what we hope is to be able to improve the quality of life of all families in need and provide a better opportunity for children to achieve their full intellectual potential so that they have better opportunities in the future.

You can be part of the change.

If stories like this one, touch your heart, help us change the lives of many other underdeveloped communities in America and the world!

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