Why handmade products matter to the world?

by SAMIA on May 12, 2020

Responsible product consumption is a critical subject. What we buy as a consumer can shape the market in many ways! Like the price of the products and brands offering these goods. Every purchase you make is a decision that has its consequences for yourself and others as well. If you are informed, you can make ethical decisions, and help to make a positive change in the world.

Machine vs. Human

Many companies have chosen to use machines because it reduces the costs of production for them. Robots can be programmed to do whatever humans want. Mass-produced products are a good thing for companies because, in this way, they can reduce the value of the output, but this is not necessarily beneficial for the consumer or the employees working for the company.

When you consume handmade items, you support small sustainable businesses, using quality materials to create unique pieces with their hands. Making handcrafted goods requires a high level of skill that every artisan has obtained over the years of experience. They enjoy the work they do and put so much love on it. Just imagine how motivated these persons are in creating something unique for you!

Benefits of buying handmade products

Many benefits come from purchasing handmade goods, not just for you but for the economic growth of small communities and for the world! For example:

• Environmentally friendly

• Handcrafted products can meet your needs better

• They are one of a kind

• Handmade products help underserved communities strive

For an artisan that makes a few sales, every consumer is essential and distinctive! That is why they put a great effort into every piece they make. Also, they can personalize the product for your needs. You don't have to settle for what the big companies offer you.

But most important, by consuming these products, you can be supporting an entire community. For example, the tribe Umoja is the first only women ethnic group in Kenya that was created for women to escape from the abuses of men. This community supports itself by selling handmade jewelry and with the proceeds, it has been able to build a school.

Conscious consumer

Information is the most powerful tool to make the right decision. That is why before purchasing from a big company, remember to:

• Check other options that can be more sustainable for the environment

• Do more research about the mission of the company you are buying from. Support brands that support what you support.

• Support small businesses.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire and help underprivileged children and their families to reach their fullest potential to build the skills they need to move out of poverty. That’s why we are fully compromised on generating suitable employment with fair trade practices in underdeveloped regions of the world.

This project was born under the firm belief that everyone should have equal access to education, healthcare, and decent work. Poverty is predictably the result of the absence of opportunity and lack of proper training. We all can make a difference in the world, and it is time to take action. With every purchase you make on our site, you become part of these fantastic stories and help hundreds of families to break the poverty cycle.